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Chrome extensions we can't live without!

Lily’s Top Chrome Extensions

Chrome is so abundant with extensions to help with productivity, I can't guarantee that these extensions will make YouTube videos less tempting to watch, but I really recommend them for busy marketers, VA’s & Social Media Managers who want to make their time online more efficient. Here are my current top 5 Chrome Extensions;


Unbelievably handy when it comes to web/graphic design. If you spot a font you like, all the details are on the other side of a double click! It even suggests sources for free and paid downloads. I credit Whatfont to some of my most used typefaces.

AdBlocker Pro

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t already have an ad-blocker installed this will rock your world! You won’t realise just how distracting cheesy ads are until they’re gone. Say goodbye to popups and 30 second un-skippable YouTube ads.


If you online shop you NEED honey installed. This extension filters through every promotional code available on the internet to find you the best deal at the check-out. I usually save at least $10 when I online shop with zero effort. Honey has been around since 2014 and is only growing, Honey works on most big-name sites, from ASOS to Dominoes Pizza to Adobe Fonts. Saving money for free is kind of a no-brainer!


LastPass is a password manager that auto-fills in passwords for all of the accounts you save with the extension. I used to be guilty of having only one password for all my accounts, now I can get away with it and still keep my online privacy.


This is a new addition to my favourites list, TabWrangler is a super easy to use search engine customizer. Sort your most visited sites into categories for easy opening. I have saved my browser into “work mode” and “personal mode”. Plus! It learns your habits and automatically closes inactive tabs or “wrangles” your open tabs into groups on its own. Give it a try and you’ll see why it quickly became a feature in my Top 5!

Tam's Top Chrome Extensions

I'm with Lily on LastPass, a tool I can't live without when jumping between clients all day long! LastPass is a must for me.


Saves my butt many times as it scans your text for common grammatical mistakes (like misused commas) and complex ones (like misplaced modifiers). Grammarly is like your own in-built writing assistant!


A time tracking tool which allows me to keep track of client hours at the click of button. At the end of the billing cycle I can pull a report to show me how many hours I've entered for each client.


If you don't have a CRM then you're missing out on this freebie. Hubspot offers marketing, sales, a full CRM software and they have tones of resources to support your small business.

Need help setting up any of these programs or extensions for your small business? Give us bell and we'll happily help.