Lily's Biggest Lessons After 1 Year at Freelance Timaru

Lily here!

Last month I celebrated 1 whole year here at Freelance Timaru!! 
I can’t believe how quickly that flew by. I think it’s safe to say that it was my biggest year of learning yet. My role as Freelance’s Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager has been diverse to say the least! From copy writing to voice acting - I've had my share of challenges. So, I thought it would be fun to share my biggest lessons with you...

The To-Do list doesn't end

This is something I’m still trying to get my head around - after coming from formal education, I was so used to polishing off an assignment then forgetting it ever happened 😂  Now, the list keeps growing! There’s follow-ups, the month refreshes and Tam always has a new client request coming my way… I suppose that’s what being an adult is all about? 

The best I can do is scribble things down out from brain onto a page, and celebrate the little wins and finish lines along the way 

The client is always right.

Such a cliche! I know, but I've come to realise why!
It's  my job to make sure clients are pleased with what I make. It's about compromise, not what I think looks good. I'm slowly growing a thicker skim and learning to leave my ego at home!

People LOVE to see people!

I’ve managed over 30 social media platforms during my time here, so believe me when I say, a photo featuring an actual person that people know will out-perform anything else on a business platform.
Humanise. your. brand. 

I am in love with my job here, Tam is an amazing boss and friend to me and the work I do has given me a real kick start in the Design industry. 
Bring on another year!