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Lily has been working here at Freelance Timaru for a month now, let's find out how she stays productive through out the day, especially working from home. #1 I try to keep my morning routine screen less! Before I spend the day behind my laptop, I like to shower, ch...
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Re-connecting your 'why'

January 7, 2021
Remember why you launched your own business? It might have been because you had a vision and you recognised that you should be making a living from your expertise instead of letting them hibernate. Or maybe you wanted the freedom around the needs of your family, getting more...
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Are you looking for some administration help in your SME? Perhaps you're struggling with time and find admin really mundane? I've got you covered when it comes to all things admin, social media, and web design! What can I do for your SME as a Virtual Assistant?! I’ll be ho...
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