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Meet Tam!

Founder and Creative Director at Freelance Timaru

Tam is your gal if you're looking for help with levelling up your social media or website. She's been in the business for a while, and she knows what she's doing. She loves collaborating with people who are just starting out, too—because they have so much more to learn than people who've been working in their industry for years. She gets that everyone has something to give back, and she'd love to be part of the process of helping your business level up its social media or website and show off what makes it special!

She's got an eye for detail and an ability to think creatively AND analytically. And she'll be there every step of the way as you reach your full potential!

‚Äč"I love taking collaborative action.

I've worked in such a wide variety of both corporate and creative roles, so I'm equipped with the skills required to lend a hand at each touchpoint of the business journey. I'm all about helping business owners reach their full potential."

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